SunGroup USA, is an excellent lobbying team and a professional corporation registered in San Francisco, CA. It is an integrated enterprise which's committed to bidding for US high-speed rail construction projects .It focuses on from the California High Speed Rail project (zero emission) to emerging solar technologies and business strategies. The group has professional qualifications in the fields of construction, technology research and development. 

With a superb leadership team which including doctoral graduates from Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University and other famous universities, and a strong foundation of technical expertise as well,  the company exercises both innovative and responsible measures in achieving strategic goals.

In the past thirty years, SunGroup has been exporting the best projects from the United States to China. Today, thirty years later, SunGroup has imported the Zero Carbon Emission (Zero Carbon Emission) project created by China—Project Harmony Direct (“PHD”) to the United States and settled in San Francisco. The construction project is a "zero carbon" project recommended by more than 200 Nobel Prize winners-PHD 1 (California High Speed Rail), PHD 2 (Unmanned Electric Vehicles), and PHD 3 (wave, tide, wind, solar, nuclear and hydrogen power generation) projects, ...etc. It has received strong support from Chinese, overseas Chinese, science and technology, engineering, academics, women, religions, and organizations.

SunGroup USA is the only company with a background of cooperation with Chinese companies (with multiple Chinese contracts) and the right to enter the United States' first high-speed rail project bidding (the U.S. rail line is 250,000 kilometers, and the future cooperation prospects are broad).

SunGroup USA has cooperated with Tangche to complete a $500 million order, with some locomotives already on the road. It has also opened factories in major cities to provide railing stock industry services to 500 cities in the United States. 

Now it is waiting the bids to provide the high-speed rail and rolling stock service on the market. The construction of ordered vehicles will begin follow.